Work Experience

Some tips and ideas on gaining work experience and what to think about can be found here
Post 16 Work Experience  
In Year 12/13 all students will be expected to complete unpaid work experience or work shadowing which has been arranged for them by our CEIAG and WEX Coordinator, Miss Naylor.
  • The Year 12/13 students wishing to take part in Work Experience must have the permission of their Parent/Carer
  • Work experience should take place in a time suitable to the student.  
  • The Work experience placement will be arranged by Miss Naylor and all of the necessary paperwork will be completed.
  • If a student is arranging their own work experience, the college must be informed.
  • The privately arranged work experience placement must be unpaid.  
Further tips can be found here.
Pre-16 Work Experience 
Students in Year 10 will be supported to access work experience.  Contact Mr Smith, Collingwood, Mrs Krishnan, Milburn or Mr Davison, Hadrian for further details.