Excelsior Academy enjoys tremendous support from a committed team of hardworking and dedicated Governors who provide guidance and expertise and focus upon monitoring standards and achievement.

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Excelsior Academy’s Sponsor: Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay

“I believe that the model we have developed for Excelsior Academy delivers both the required educational and social benefits for the students.

Under the direction of the Executive Principal and the leadership of the School Principals, all staff are responsible for ensuring that all students not only achieve their potential academically, but develop an entrepreneurial ‘can do’ attitude which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

For students the Academy day is longer than a standard school day with core curriculum, optional subjects and enrichment activities to maximise the learning opportunities.

The Academy shares best practice with education partners in the city works with our partners in the community and is central to the regeneration of the area.”


As a sponsored academy, the Trust appoints the majority of Excelsior Academy’s Governing Body. Follow this link for Governor and financial information.




Excelsior Academy Local Governing Board

2016 – 2017

Chair: Mohammad Farsi

Vice Chair: Tim Goodship


Priority Strands Schools/College SML Linked Governors
Teaching and Learning – Hadrian Management Hadrian Kirsty Ruffle Kate Charnley
Inclusion – Rainbird Management Rainbird Charlotte De Oliveira Hannah Sorely
Curriculum Development – College Management EA College Claire Goodwill Claire Lewis
Assessment, Monitoring and Examinations – Collingwood Management Collingwood Michael Connolly Jeffrey Lough
Staff CPD and Performance Management – Milburn Management Milburn David Hughes Tim Goodship
Welfare (Behaviour, Safeguarding) LST – E A Karolyn Thompson Mohammad Farsi
Business E A Dawn Charlton Fidelis Okukusie
Leadership and Management E A Craig Taylor Mohammad Farsi
Health and Wellbeing E A Frances Tiffin Kate Charnley, Rachel Turner
Parent Focus Group E A Charlotte De Oliveira Rachel Turner



Curriculum and Standard

Mohammad Farsi

Tim Goodship

Claire Lewis

Jeffrey Lough


Budget Monitoring

Mohammad Farsi

Fidelis Okukusie



CPD         Continuous Professional Development

LST          Laidlaw School Trust

E A          Excelsior Academy

SML         Senior Management Lead


Contacting Governors

All governors can be contacted via the Executive Principal’s PA ( or via the academy telephone number, 0191 2288400 x 5003.