Student Voice at Excelsior Academy

Student voice  at Excelsior Academy is seen as a vitally important opportunity to allow pupils to have a say in how their school is run.

Each of the three Secondary schools has a student council representing each Meet and Greet form with pupils elected by their peers. This has given pupils in each school a chance to learn and experience the democratic process.

Excelsior College has a school council led by the Head Boy and Head Girl.

Our new primary school Rainbird also has a strong student voice with Miss Dabbs’ Year 2 class leading the way.

Student Voice allows the pupils to make a real difference to what is going on in each of their respective schools. Excelsior College council has been heavily involved with local charities raising considerable amounts of money for good causes along with organising the 6th form end of year celebration.

In the Secondary schools, Student Voice has had a visible impact in the running of each school. For example In Collingwood pupils have had a major impact in the design of the school’s behaviour policy ‘Decent People.’ The reps from each school have also met with senior management to put their ideas forward on improvements they would like to see in the Academy. Collingwood pupils have been involved in a visit to the Edinburgh Parliament building to see democracy in action first hand, and have been involved in visits to other local secondary schools looking at how good practice can be transferred from one school to another.

Rainbird Primary pupils have played a key role in deciding which resources were purchased for the schools new outside play area; they have participated in the recruitment process for a new Year 2 Curriculum Support Worker. They’ve also able to offer suggestions on areas within the curriculum that they would like to see taught.

There is also a new Academy wide Student group with two members from each secondary school and the College who will meet regularly to discuss issues and make suggestions about the running of the Academy in general.