Wednesday, May 17th, 2017.

Excelsior Academy’s Rainbird  pupils learned the skills needed by Egyptian craftsmen to build the foundations of the world famous pyramids by working closely with Excelsior College students.

The Year 4 pupils are learning all about ancient Egypt – and decided they would like to know how they could build a pyramid, similar to how craftsmen did 5,000 years ago.

Gathering the help of Joe Temple, Excelsior’s SDL in Engineering and Construction, they learned the modern-day techniques of how to mix cement and lay bricks in the Laidlaw Construction Centre.

It was all a big learning experience for the youngsters who had never tried it out before.

Rainbird teacher Margery Cowburn said: “We are learning about Ancient Egypt and how the Egyptians built pyramids and it has given the children an experience on how it can be translated into modern day skills.

“I’m really impressed with the skills that I have seen today from our pupils.

“Everyone is working very well together and using a lot of fine motor skills when brick-laying.”