Friday, March 27th, 2015.

An increasing number of children have lost their creative imagination due to too much time being spent on their computer, Ipad, tablet, mobile phone. This could be said to be all down to social media! In particular we are meaning Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.

Apps. Apps. Everywhere. There are so many apps that are so easily ready and available to download, most of the time with no adult consent needed or age restrictions. This goes for the content on Facebook sometimes! This alone can corrupt children’s imagination. The continual play of online games such as Candy crush takes up endless amounts of time that could be spent studying and enjoying life.

However some parents won’t allow their children to download any apps without permission due to parental control on their children’s phone. Although some see this as unfair in the long run it probably halts a number of negatives from occurring. The legal age to have Facebook is 13; however what checks do the administrative team really carry out to verify the true identity of the person behind the screen, the show Catfish only highlights this. The show explores false identities being created and the effect they have on the people they communicate with on line and the real people behind the profiles.

A recent survey of our year group showed that 66% of students prefer to use Facebook with only 16% using Snapchat more and a small amount at 9% opting for Instagram over the rest. None of the year 7 pupils asked used Twitter or really understood how it worked. Maybe another article on the cards there?

One year 7 pupil, Sargam, told us that her mum said that she could have a social media account but on the other hand her best friend Shakira was not allowed. Some pupils feel this may hinder their social development as they feel they are missing, communicating with friends, arranging events, not seeing the latest on line crazes! At the end of the day social media will only continue to grow and be an ever present part of our lives.