Friday, January 27th, 2017.

Four students from Hadrian School in Y8 and Y9 (Kaci, Viktoria, Edward and Hyatullah) spent the day exploring the forest. The first challenge was finding mini beasts including millipedes, woodlice and bristletails. We using identified them by looking really closely through the mini beast pots and using an identification chart. Miss Williamson set us a challenge of making a waterproof den. We made them then sat under while water was thrown over! The dens worked and were waterproof so we didn’t get wet.

Next we learnt how to whittle using a sheath knife. Hyatullah was an expert! Before lunch we made a fire as it was -3 degrees so we were frozen. On the fire we boiled water to make delicious hot chocolate.  Finally, we discovered sticks which we could use to make bows and arrows. Kaci won the competition of who could fire their arrow the furthest. Edward and Hyatullah made javelins and Edward could have beaten an Olympic javelin thrower with his spectacular throw!