Collingwood School

collingwood_smCollingwood School is named after local hero Cuthbert Collingwood (26 September 1748 – 7 March 1810)

He was an admiral in the British Royal Navy and is a famous historical figure, responsible for several British victories during the Napoleonic Wars.






Birth, School and Early career

Collingwood was born in Newcastle and educated at the Royal Grammar School. At the age of 12 he joined the Royal Navy to begin his nautical education on HMS Shannon.



In 1804 he was promoted to Vice-Admiral and in 1805 commanded HMS Sovereign the 2nd largest warship in the Royal Navy


Battle of Trafalgar – 21st October 1805

Collingwood took over command of the British Royal Navy after the death of Admiral Lord Nelson. His strategy resulted in an overwhelming victory and prevented an invasion of England by the forces of the French leader Napoleon.


Gratitude of a Nation

In 1805 he was made a life peer and became Baron Collingwood. He also received the thanks of both Houses of Parliament and was awarded a pension of £2000 per annum.


A Hero Dies

Collingwood died aged 61 aboard the HMS Ville de Paris, just off the coast of Minorca, on 7 March 1810. He was laid to rest besides his great friend Nelson in St Pauls Cathedral.


A Local Monument

The Collingwood Monument stands guard over the mouth of the River Tyne at Tynemouth and is a fitting memorial. The four cannons at its base are from his ship HMS Sovereign.