Wednesday, April 26th, 2017.

Anam and Katie in the MOD Pizza kitchen

Excelsior College students Anam Rauf and Katie Walton are impressing staff at MOD Pizza with their customer service skills as they take their first steps into the world of work.

The 18-year-olds are soaking up everything the talented team at the busy Metro Centre restaurant tell them.

Excelsior Head Girl Anam impressed staff so much she is now working there one day a week, while Katie has just completed her first shift.

Their success is part of Excelsior College’s Retail Gold partnership with intu Properties, giving young people the chance of their first taste of retail employment and the skills and personal commitment it demands.

Rickiah Quinn, the students’ shift manager at MOD Pizza, said: “Both Anam and Katie are very keen and willing to work – they are both eager to learn.”

Anam, 18, said: “I’ve been working here for seven weeks and I’m doing one day a week now which is great.

“I did my work experience here and I really like it. It gets very busy. We have people from Apple and the other big stores in the Metro Centre who come here regularly and we get to know them and what their orders are.

“They are really happy we know what they want without having to ask. Everyone here is so helpful and keeps an eye on each other, helping each other out.

“I’m greeting customers, explaining how the restaurant works and taking them to their table.”

Katie, who has just completed her first day’s work experience at MOD Pizza, said: “Everyone is really friendly, there’s always work to do and things to learn – it’s great.”