Thursday, March 10th, 2016.

For School report we looked at the diverse community we have here at Excelsior Academy. We discovered that half of our pupils are from different countries therefore meaning we are learning in a culturally enriched environment with nearly 50 different languages being spoken thought out the Academy.

We interviewed a number of pupils to ask them about their experiences here at Excelsior. Konrad (from Hungary), said before he started school here he was nervous as he had only been in Newcastle 6 months but, all the friends he made, gave him confidence and made him feel welcome. Now Konrad has made lots of friends. He said ‘this school is fantastic; this school has supported me whenever I needed some help and has helped me settle and make it my home.”

A select few of reporters were allowed the opportunity to interview Mr Taylor, the Executive Head Teacher of Excelsior Academy, who was questioned about the diversity here at school.

Mr Taylor said that our school is like a microcosm, a mini world of the real world. He wants our pupils to be prepared for the real world outside our diverse community we have here. It is a good model for students as when they grow and develop, they’ll have the spirit of what they have learned: tolerance, acceptance, respect (for others, whether it is people or cultures). We will be prepared for the real world. As soon as you step into the Academy you are struck by the fantastic art displays we have which have been developed over the past 8 years. All the artwork displayed shows themes of identify and diversity.

However it is not just Excelsior Academy that is so diverse and rich with culture, Newcastle itself is full of diversity and people have been coming here for 100s of years seeking sanctuary and safety according to Sara Smart from city of Sanctuary in Newcastle. She said that there are currently approximately 600 people in Newcastle looking for refugee and safety, something our pupils also know a little about due to the parts of the world they have travelled from.  We interviewed two pupils who have recently moved from Syria. They both felt they had settled in well due to the welcoming nature of the staff and pupils and the support they had received.

From our investigation we have realised how lucky we are to be in such a culturally diverse and multi lingual community here at Excelsior Academy.

By Pallavi and Vivenne, Year 7