Thursday, June 8th, 2017.

Excelsior College sixth form pupils cast their votes

Pupils cast their votes on who they think should lead the UK as General Election fever gripped Excelsior Academy.

They carefully studied the three main parties’ pitches to grab young voters through online promotions and YouTube videos before placing their ‘X’ on a voting slip next to the party of their choice.

Heading to the ballot box were all Year 7 to Year 10 pupils and Excelsior College students, mirroring the actions of millions of adults today who will choose between Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats, to decide who will govern the UK for the next five years.

James Smith, Subject Development Leader for PSHE/RE – and Excelsior’s ‘chief returning officer’ – will count the votes tonight and announce tomorrow who Excelsior Academy pupils want to be the UK’s next Prime Minister.

“As part of a moral issue discussion, we have looked at each party’s election promotion and manifestos,” said James.

“It’s reinforcing to the pupils the importance of the political process, how the election process works and how we elect our government.

“The pupils have really enjoyed it, are enthusiastic and are engaged with it. A lot of them will be eligible to vote for real in five years’ time and this is preparing them, making them more informed for when they have to cast their vote for real.

“It’s important that they are aware of the political process and the impact it will have on their lives.”