Thursday, March 16th, 2017.

Jasmin Jobe highlighted as an outstanding future leader

High-flying Excelsior Academy English teacher Jasmin Jobe is one of the top 100 brightest young teaching stars in the country chosen for a prestigious future leaders course.

Jasmin will enrol on the national SSAT Leadership Legacy project for a year, developing her skills by learning from outstanding education leaders, school visits and tapping into new teaching networks.

She will learn how the very best in schools and multi-trust academies across the UK are driving forward pupil learning at a time of huge challenge for the education sector.

Excelsior Academy Executive Principal Craig Taylor nominated Jasmin for the SSAT project, supported by Collingwood School Principal Michael Connolly and Excelsior’s Director of English Louise Old.

Jasmin aims to introduce what she learns on the SSAT project into her everyday teaching and Excelsior network.

She is part of the Excelsior-wide Action Research project looking at how the gap in educational attainment can be closed between white British learners and EAL learners.

“I think the SSAT project will give me a great insight into what is happening in education at the moment,” said Jasmin, who is in her third year teaching at Excelsior.

“For my own career prospects it will help me learn what I’m capable of, it will be great for self-confidence and to converse with people with the same sort of ideas and outlook.”

Jasmin will begin the legacy project in May as one of 100 young teachers identified by SSAT as “high-potential future leaders.”

The SSAT website says: “We’re passionate about a school-led system that helps drive social mobility, and we hope that this opportunity will help accelerate development of the broad range of skills these bright, motivated and passionate individuals will need as they progress in their careers.”

Jasmin added: “I was really surprised to be selected. What I do here is what everyone else does so it’s not like I’m anything special.

“I’m really excited to get this opportunity though. I love it at Excelsior, it’s a really diverse school, a special school in the way that they approach welfare, behaviour, teaching and learning.

“The pupils are always at the forefront of what we do and the staff are made to feel valued and well looked after.”

Craig said: “Excelsior has a well-established and productive partnership with the SSAT and this is just one example amongst many illustrating how that partnership can impact positively on Excelsior staff development.

“Jasmin’s successful selection is a credit to the quality of her work and a source of pride for the Excelsior team.”

SSAT is the country’s leading network for schools, students and teachers.

It helps teachers to inquire, inspire, innovate and impact through a programme of research and reflection.

Jasmin’s project selection further strengthens the close bonds between Excelsior Academy and SSAT.

Assistant Principals Tracey Kelly, Sara Reed, Saarah Nijaila and Hannah Dabbs led a workshop on cascading continuous professional learning to teachers at SSAT’s national conference late last year.

And Excelsior Academy played host to 50 leaders from schools across the North East at SSAT’s regional conference in January to discuss the hot topics impacting the education sector.