Wednesday, April 5th, 2017.

Congratulations from Business Manager Dawn Charlton to certificate winners

Outstanding effort and attainment has earned pupils in Excelsior Academy’s Milburn School achievement certificates and glowing praise from their teachers.

The awards were presented across all subjects to those pupils hand-picked by their teachers for the determination they show to succeed.

Milburn School Principal David Hughes told pupils at an achievement assembly: “You are all here because you are achievers.

“This gives me and staff the opportunity to say ‘thank you for the work that you are doing, the progress you are making and the type of young person you are becoming’.

“You are here because your teacher in at least one of your subjects has nominated you for an award.

“There is an award for your effort, your hard work, your attitude and willingness to do well. The other type of award you will get is an attainment award which is about the progress you are making and the standard of the work you are doing.

“The important thing is that you are proud of yourself and your award.”

Each pupil receiving an achievement certificate will also get a newly made Milburn School lapel badge bearing the new Excelsior Academy logo.

Special certificates were also handed to pupils awarded 100 or more Making A Difference merits.

Those pupils were: Bright Agbonwaneten, Denisa Raducanu, Maros Smatar, Ayah Elsharif, Andreea Duman, Kaitlyn Mead, Efosa Osahon Agbonmamwen, Hanifa Akhtar, Leah Dobie, Michelle Tuma, Rebecca Bell, Aaron Watson, Imrina Allah, Kaylin Kerr, Eva Dumitru, Gesica Panait and Elena-Rebeca Marolicaru.