Thursday, March 10th, 2016.

We are Konrad and Tyler and this is our report on the current Newcastle United situation…

If McLaren leaves the Magpies, who should be the new Magpies manager? Should he even leave? After a bad beginning of the season, the Magpies were dropped into a terrible position of 19th place.

After another defeat and losing to Bournemouth 3-1 at home (to the BPL’s new arrivals) they are really close to the bottom of the relegation zone. Ashley’s patient may be wearing thin now

After a lot of speculation on McLaren’s future, Newcastle has been searching for a new manager in case he does leave the club and they will attempt to replace him with another well-known replacement manager. They have been considering Rafael Benitez to be a worthy candidate. To expand on the point, Rafael Benitez has managed high-flying teams that have dominated many leagues in the world, such as the Spanish giants, Real Madrid and is experienced in Premier League teams such as Chelsea and Liverpool and has been respected by many great managers, this means that many fans will already know of him.

McLaren has got to improve on his bad run of his events otherwise he may face major consequences.

We interviewed a P.E teacher and avid football fan from our school about his views, Mr.Marley said “It’s not so much that McLaren is a bad manager it is the people at the top of Newcastle and until they get a new manager they will stay down.” He believes that, “David Moyes suits Newcastle because he can handle having a tight budget.”

To conclude our report about Newcastle United we will keep everyone updated on any new developments and exclusives.


By Tyler, Konrad, Joe and Michael, Year 7