Friday, February 3rd, 2017.

Excelsior pupils were at one with nature today as they went down to the woods and learnt some skills for the great outdoors.

Read about their exploits here:

Today we got ready and wrapped up. We headed off to the Dene slowly dragging an enormous trolley of stuff behind us. First we made a den but we doubled it by using 2 tarpaulins to make a giant den. Next we made hot chocolate cake. First we cut the tops off the oranges, then we removed flesh and put the cake mixture carefully inside. After that we put the tops back on and wrapped them in foil. Following this we put the oranges into the fire until they cooked. They tasted like chocolate orange – weird!

After lunch we work with flint and steel to make a little fire of our own. We failed multiple times, got a little frustrated but kept our spirit up and continued to try until everyone of us lit our own fire.  When we managed to we felt excited and proud of our achievement.

Before we left we enjoyed creating more bows, arrows and spears to use to hit a target that Kaci had made.

Today has been an epic and successful day!