Tuesday, February 20th, 2018.

Rainbird Primary and Hadrian School pupils making sock monsters

Monsters made from socks, as created by Rainbird Primary and Hadrian School pupils

A term-long monster project is sparking the imaginations of youngsters in Rainbird Primary Academy who are designing – and searching for – scary creations.

Year 1 pupils worked with Year 8 Hadrian School students to turn their pencil drawings into sock puppet monsters.

Rainbird parents will help finish off their designs in another workshop session, part of a term-long programme of events to nurture youngsters’ creative skills, reading and writing.

Curriculum support worker Georgia Hendry said: “We have had a ‘monster’ come into school and make an imaginary and creative world for the children.

“They’ve made a monster cave in class and children dress up as monster catchers and catch the teddy bears inside.

“There’s a trail of footprints to the cave as we believe that’s where the monster lives and when he comes into class he leaves paper shredded everywhere.

“We’ve had a monster expert tell the children that the monster crash landed from the planet Jupiter and that he loves this school, eating the shredded paper.

“The children love the project. They have sketched drawings and will make their sock monsters to put on top of their drawings to create a 3D effect.

“It’s a really fun topic for Year 1 throughout the term. The project uses a whole carousel of their skills, we link everything in with the curriculum, so for example we have a class reading book ‘Bedtime for Monsters’ and children write their own stories and poems.”