Thursday, February 9th, 2017.

Excelsior Academy today unveiled its smart new uniform which pupils will wear from next September.

Executive Principal Craig Taylor said: “We’ve recently changed our school logo to a more modern, eye-catching design which pupils, parents and carers tell us better reflects what we do and stand for at Excelsior Academy.

“On the back of this logo change, our Pupil Voice Groups in the academy said they’d like to see the school uniform changed as well to better match our new logo.

“Our pupils – who designed the new school badge – have been working for weeks now with our school clothing provider Michael Sehgal and Sons Ltd on a new uniform.

“The blazer, jumper, tank top and tie are the result of their hard work.”

Excelsior’s Parent Voice Group has supported the new designs and changes:

* From September 2017 all pupils currently in Years 7-9 will change to the new uniform. Current Year 6 pupils leaving Rainbird Primary to begin Excelsior Academy in September will need to buy the new uniform.

* Pupils currently in Year 10 will not have to buy the new uniform for beginning Year 11 unless they wish to do so, but they will be provided with a new school tie.

* Boys and Girls blazers up to size 34″ £23.99. Size 36″ and above £27.99

* Unisex jumpers up to size 34″ £12.99. Size 36″ and above £14.99

* Unisex tank tops up to size 34″ £10.99. Size 36″ and above £11.99

* New velcro ties £5.99

Craig added: “We’ve tried to strike a balance between purchasing a smart, hard wearing new uniform which pupils will be proud to wear and keeping costs down as much as we can for parents and carers.

“For example, the cost of the new blazer is the same as last year’s but with the new badge already embroidered. While we’re very pleased with our new jumpers and tank tops and would love to see all pupils wearing them, they are optional – all we ask is that pupils have to wear our new blazer and tie.

“We are delighted with our new uniform, we think it looks very smart and hope parents and pupils think so too.”