Friday, October 20th, 2017.

The Young Writers City at Excelsior performers

Young life stories told through rapping, audio and poetry will place talented Excelsior Academy pupils at the heart of a huge cultural celebration in Newcastle tomorrow night.

The work of the creative pupils who comprise the Young Writers City at Excelsior group will take centre stage alongside a host of DJs and performance artists at the Juice Festival #OURTIME in the Great North Museum: Hancock.

The museum will be the venue for the event held as part of Freedom City 2017. The city-wide programme marks the 50th anniversary of civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King Jr receiving an honorary degree at Newcastle University.

Emily Wiseman, Young Writers City at Excelsior project producer, said: “The Juice Festival organisers contacted us, they had seen the work we’d been doing, they were really excited to have the opportunity to work with Excelsior students because their reputation is so good.

“Their reputation for what they can create and their performance ability means they will be among the young people taking over the Great North Museum: Hancock in an amazing opportunity to perform in such a unique performance space.

“Our ‘We are All Human’ crew will be performing in the international area where all the Roman soldiers and warriors are.”

The Young Writers have been collaborating with the Juice Festival organisers to polish their renditions and researched the work of Dr King Jr and his huge impact on modern society.

“We’ve been looking at some of the work that he did and the speeches that he did and thinking about how far we have come since he gave those speeches and where we need to go from here to tackle the challenges we face in society,” said Emily.

“We will have a rap performed, a speech by pupil Tessy Idemudia, we will have audio exhibits, a letter to Beyonce and a letter to Chi Onwurah MP.

“We are tackling issues like racism, poverty, homophobia, the inequalities that young people face today.

“The festival is interwoven with the work we do with the Young Writers City at Excelsior which is why it is such a great project to be involved with.”