Congratulations to the 100% Attendance for the academic year 2014-2015, all of whom will receive a special treat!

Corey Burn
McKenzie Giles
Simbiat Aremu
Yusuf Sharif
Catherine Lewis
Megan Hyatt


Head Teacher’s Award

Certificate Winners

Date Name Year
17/06/2016 Crystabel Agbonwaneten Reception a brilliant attitude to learning
17/06/2016 Riley Foster Reception really focussed in his learning
17/06/2016 Laya Taylor Reception getting 40 high frequency word spellings right
17/06/2016 Rayan Manda Haki Y 1 For making incredible progress in phonics
17/06/2016 Gaurav Singh Y 1 writing and amazing recount of his trip to Scotswood gardens and his amazing attitude to learning
17/06/2016 Paulina Jarek Y 1 for her caring and supportive attitude towards others
17/06/2016 David Collard Y 2 Amazing reading in his phonics screen
17/06/2016 Silvia Negana Y 2 Fantastic writing in topic about pirates
17/06/2016 Corey Burn Y 2 Brilliant writing of his own version of the Night of the Pirate story
17/06/2016 Charly Hobson Y 3 For being a great help to all the teachers
17/06/2016 David Shaw Y 3 fabulous presentation when drawing nets and shapes
17/06/2016 Branden Simpson Y 3 excellent effort and trying his best with maths
17/06/2016 Rebeca Sandu Y 4 for huge improvement in her handwriting and presentation
17/06/2016 Matteo Ion Y 4 Great attitude to school and homework
17/06/2016 Leonie Collard Y 4 putting maximum effort into all her work
17/06/2016 Bailey Dickenson Y 5/6 For representing Rainbird wonderfully on our school trip to Alnwick Gardens and Broxfield farm.  He was friendly, focused, enthusiastic and respectful to both other people and the beautiful environment we were lucky enough to share for the day.
17/06/2016 Denisa Marodin Y 5/6 Being a model Rainbird pupil, who always tries her very best, is respectful and also very thoughtful in helping others.

I am so impressed in how your hard work has paid-off in the amazing improvement in your English.

17/06/2016 Megi Baduashivili Y 5/6 A wonderful new addition to the class. Your lovely manner and hard-working attitude make it so easy for adults to teach and others to learn in year 5/6. Thank you and welcome to Rainbird.
Date Name Year Reason
15/01/2016 Mariella Dimova YR for growing in confidence so that she can now join in group sessions and answer questions
15/01/2016 Ayaan Ayaz YR for taking responsibility for an activity and leading others
15/01/2016 Jamie Rafferty YR for more independent writing and for staying on task
15/01/2016 CatherineLewis Y1 for her fantastic recount of her trip to Beamish
15/01/2016 MichelleTokarova Y1 for having an amazing attitude to her learning and always trying her best
15/01/2016 Kylie Ross Y1 For following the Rainbird Promise, especially “Helping teachers to teach and children to learn”
15/01/2016 Erin Thomas Y2 amazing learning about materials
15/01/2016 Lukas Lalik Y2 a fantastic attitude to learning
15/01/2016 Zara Rahman Y2 developing very accurate reading skills
15/01/2016 Chloe Armstrong Y3 A wonderful attitude to all her work and responsibilities
15/01/2016 James Stewart Y3 for amazing work in maths. He always completes his work and asks brilliant questions
15/01/2016 Abdulrahman Ezat Alain Tablo Y4 A great attitude and enthusiasm to his school work.
15/01/2016 Selena Asan Y4 Improved attitude towards Literacy.
15/01/2016 Abigail Beck Y4 A great outlook towards making friendships within the class and wider school.
15/01/2016 Tony Vaszi Y5/6 Excellent work in al subjects including homework
15/01/2016 Marah Al-Kasem Y5/6 Being independent and conscientious in class
15/01/2016 Denisa Marodin Y5/6 a big improvement in effort and attitude, particularly in art
Date Name Class Reason
04/12/2015 Oscar Smithson Y1 making amazing progress
04/12/2015 Analeigh Smith Y1 for a brilliant effort in drama
04/12/2015 Keon Parnell Y1 for having a fantastic attitude and enthusiasm
04/12/2015 Rebeca Calin Y2 enthusiasm and great participation in phonics lessons
04/12/2015 Rishita Pablou Y2 for being an amazing all rounder
04/12/2015 Tilly Robinson Y2 for having the most fantastic attitude
04/12/2015 Anis Zaman Y3 Fantastic homework
04/12/2015 Ella-Mai Harrison Y3 Fantastic homework
04/12/2015 Chloe Tait Y3 making a whole school feelings box
04/12/2015 Alyssa Turner Y4 for showing a brilliant attitude and often going the extra mile
04/12/2015 Jessica Simm Y4 following instructions and trying hard to achieve her literacy targets
04/12/2015 Wendy Stevens Y4 for trying hard to uphold the Rainbird Promise and always listening to instructions
04/12/2015 Emanuel Iglehon Y5/6 for settling in and getting involved in all classroom activities
04/12/2015 Sarah Morton Y5/6 for great effort in all activities and great concentrartion
04/12/2015 Bailey Dickenson Y5/6 being kind and helping others with their work
Date Name Class Reason
06/11/2015 Jordan Foster Y1 settling in really well to Year 1
06/11/2015 David Radut Y1 Excellent attitude to learning
06/11/2015 Elsie Mahoney Y1 working above and beyond- additional homework
06/11/2015 Simbiat Aremu Y2 a fantastic attitude to work
06/11/2015 Tashin Islam Y2 amazing phonics work
06/11/2015 Samuel Y2 making a brilliant start to his learning in year 2
06/11/2015 Jakob Bobkowski Y3 independnet writing
06/11/2015 Ibrahim Sharif Y3 good role model
06/11/2015 Paige Crossan Y3 being supportive to others
06/11/2015 Daniyal Mohammed Y4 Great attitude to using English in class and puts effort into everything he does
06/11/2015 Luiza Capitanu Y4 consistently tries hard at maths and perserveres
06/11/2015 Leonie Collard Y4 Brilliant attitude to all learning, shows a great eagerness to learn
06/11/2015 Sam Lawrence Y5/6 attempting to answer all questions when asked
06/11/2015 Jake Morton Y5/6 Great research into where chocolate comes from
06/11/2015 Bailey Dickenson Y5/6 for trying his best in literacy
Date Name Class Reason
24/10/2015 Susie Wasielewska R for being very creative
24/10/2015 Riley Dodds R for settling in very well
24/10/2015 Charlie Todd R for being kind to others
24/10/2015 Harry Mackell Y1 fantastic topic work. He knows so much about different sports!
24/10/2015 Skye Wilkinson Y1 for her excellent attitude to learning
24/10/2015 Estera Gheorghiu Y1 trying her best in her group work
24/10/2015 Umar Sharif Y2 amazing effort and attitude to work
24/10/2015 Kelsey Laidlaw Y2 settling in really well to Year 2
24/10/2015 Ella Nielson Y2 beautiful handwriting and presentation
24/10/2015 Jikar Sindi Y3 for being a great role model
24/10/2015 Leland Turner Y3 for settling in well to your new school
24/10/2015 Denisa Macovei Y3 for being a fantastic support to another pupil
24/10/2015 Jake Morton Y456 for practising his timestables at every opportunity without being asked
24/10/2015 Matteo Ion Y456 for developing his spelling techniques and always checking his spellings
24/10/2015 Roberto (Tony) Vaszi Y456 for producing high quality work consistently and for offering to support others
Dates Name Class Reason
 24/9/2015  Susie Wasielewaka  Reception  For being very creative
 24/9/2015  Riley Dodds Reception  For settling in very well
 24/9/2015  Charlie Todd Reception For being kind to others
24/9/2015  Harry Mackell Year 1 Fantastic topic work. He knows so much about different sport!
 24/9/2015 Skye Wilkinson Year 1  for her excellent attitude to learning
 24/09/2015  Estera Gheorghiu  Year 1 trying her best in her group work
 24/09/2015  Umar Sharif Year 2  amazing effort and attitude to work
 24/09/2015  Kelsey Laidlaw Year2 Settling into Year 2 really well
 24/09/2015  Ella Neilson  Year 2 Beautiful handwriting and presentation
24/09/2015 Jikar Sindi Year 3 For being a great role model
24/09/2015 Leland Turner Year 3 For settling into your new school very well
24/09/2015 Denisa Macovei Year 3 For being a fantastic support to another pupil
24/09/2015 Jake Morton Year 4, 5, 6 For practicing his timetables at every opportunity without being asked.
24/09/2015 Matteo Ion Year 4, 5, 6 For developing his spelling techniques and always checking his spellings.
24/09/2015 Roberto (Tony) Vaszi Year 4, 5, 6 For producing high quality work consistantly and for offering to support others


MAD Merit Awards

Below are a list of the children who have received 50+ Mad Merits so far in the academic year 2015-2016.

Ayaz, Ayaan
Bobkowski, Jakub
Boyle, Sarah
Cook, Jay
Crossan, Paige
Dimova, Mariella
Dodds, Riley
Duff, Lily
Esaaeed, Marya
Ferguson, Tia-Faith
Forster, Riley
Fradgley, Amelia
Gheorghiu, Estera
Giles, McKenzie
Harrison, Ella-Mai
Hobson, Charly
Hyatt, Megan
Jarek, Paulina
Jedrzejczyk, Maksymilian
Johnson, Noah
Kirton, Rosalyn
Lewis, Catherine
Mackell, Harry
Mahoney, Abigail
Mahoney, Elsie
Mather, Aimee
McAlpine, Jessica
Parnell, Keon
Rafferty, Jamie
Rahman, Waqar
Ross, Kylie
Saeed, Abdul
Sharif Ibrahim
Sharif, Yusuf
Simm, Mikayla
Sindi, Jikar
Smith, Analeigh
Smithson, Oscar
Tait, Jordan
Taylor, Ethan
Taylor, Laya
Todd, Charlie
Turner, Leland
Twinning, Isabelle
Varty, Alexia
Wasielewska, Susie
Wilkinson, Oliver
Wilkinson, Skye
Winkworth, Brooke
Wright, Hannah
Young, Dylan
Zaman, Anisa
Zaman, Anis
Akyer, Elanur
Forster, Jordan
Gheorghiu, Maria
Tocila, Liviu
Pilarova, Diana
Morton, Jake
Laidlaw, Elisha
Wright, Sophie
Lawrence, Jack
Lawrence, Sam
Dickinson, Bailey
Gheorghiu, Alina-Marta
Costin, Vazile-Daniel
Igiehon, Emanuel
Marolicaru, Elena-Rebeca
Morton, Sarah
Vaszi, Roberto-Antonio
Marodin, Denisa Beatrice
Ilie, Rebeca-Ana-Maria
Avram, Maria-Marta


Top Table Award

Top Table award-

These children have been recognised for having excellent manners and will be sitting at the Top Table this week!