Head Teacher’s Award


Date Name Class Reason
28/09/2016 Mihash Lojan Year 1 For hard work and effort in phonics
28/09/2016 Abdul Saeed Year 1 For being supportive, kind and helpful to all of his class friends and being a wonderful role model
28/09/2016 Mariella Dimova Year 1 For always following the Rainbird Promise especially helping teachers to teach and children to learn
28/09/2016 Lily Duff Year 2 For settling really well into Y2 and Rainbird
28/09/2016 Gaurav Singh Year 2 For making a positive start to Y2
28/09/2016 Aimee Mather Year 2 For her amazing writing and being a role model
28/09/2016 Zara Rahman Year 3 went above and beyond and produced some outstanding homework linked to our Science topic ‘Animals and Habitats’. She showed an excellent understanding of how animals and plants breathe and researched additional facts for further information.
28/09/2016 Eddie Vaszi Year 3 has continuously helped teachers to teach and children to learn through excellent listening skills and encouraging children at all times to try their best and never give up.
28/09/2016 Scarlett Taylor Year 3 is an ‘outstanding learner’! On a daily basis Scarlett demonstrates a variety of skills including: excellent listening skills, responding to marking and feedback and regularly asks excellent questions to further her understanding.
28/09/2016                            Jakub Bobkowski Year 4 for excellent attitude and work in Maths
28/09/2016 Sky Morton Year 4 for being helpful in and around the classroom
28/09/2016 Alesia Ion Year 4 for showing enthusiasm in all her learning
28/09/2016 Kyle Mead Year 5 For settling in at  Rainbird and into Year 5 so wonderfully.  Thank you for being such a terrific role model in always devoting your best efforts in your learning.
28/09/2016 Shauna Fowler Year 5 For settling in so well at  Rainbird and into  Year 5.  You have done an outstanding job of keeping to everything in the Rainbird promise and are a real asset to the class.
28/09/2016 Luiza Capitanu Year 5 For being a model pupil in always showing others respect and kindness, supporting them in their learning and trying your very best in your learning.
28/09/2016 Jake Morton Year 6 Great effort with all his work.
28/09/2016 Emanuel Igehon Year 6 Always willing to help others
28/09/2016 Sophie Wright Year 6 For her excellent quality of work
Date Name Class Reason  
23/11/2016 Lee Dickinson R For following the Rainbird promise to try our best  
23/11/2016 Aalia Begum Syeda R For following the Rainbird promise of being respectful she is polite and thoughtful  
23/11/2016 Grace Taylor R For following our Rainbird promise of being friendly she helps her partner every lunchtime.  
23/11/2016 Laya Taylor Y1 For being a fantastic role model who is always kind, friendly and tries their best  
23/11/2016 Amelia Fradgley Y1 For her had work and effort in writing  
23/11/2016 Waqar Rahman Y1 For being a super mathematician  
23/11/2016 Estera Gheorgiu Y2 For being hard working and a great role model  
23/11/2016 Catherine Lewis Y2 Amazing writing and storytelling in English  
23/11/2016 Freddie Wilson Y2 For a great attitude towards work and helping others  
23/11/2016 Shayne Mead Y3 is always helping teachers to teach and learn and without prompting is always offering to help/ support other children in class with their work.  
23/11/2016 Tashin Islam Y3 is always putting 100% effort in all that he does and demonstrates excellent resilience  
23/11/2016 Tilly Robinson Y3 is a pleasure to have in the classroom and is always setting a good examples to the other children in the school by following the Rainbird promise!  
23/11/2016 Lewis Swaddle Y4 for having a great attitude and becoming more involved in Science and Maths lessons.  
23/11/2016 Denisa Macovei Y4 for trying really hard to improve her writing and independence in all of her work  
23/11/2016 Ibrahim Sharif Y4 for showing a great attitude towards improving his work.  
23/11/2016 Abdulrahman Ezat Alain Tablo Y5 For not only showing fantastic maths skills but also showing real commitment to improving in everything you do.  
23/11/2016 Clara Moise Y5 For settling in so well at Rainbird, showing such enthusiasm in our class performances and also making  a real effort in your written English.  
23/11/2016 Selena Asan Y5 for showing a real commitment to improving your  concentration and focus  during lessons.   It’s wonderful to see you listening so well, putting your hand up to answer questions and really trying your best in your learning.  
23/11/2016 Harley Young Y6 For his improved attitude to learning  
23/11/2016 Peter Agbonmamwen Y6 For excellent progress in maths  
23/11/2016 Farah Ezat Alain Tablo Y6 For excellent progress in English