Every month some special children receive a Head teacher’s award and certificate for their achievements. This could be because they have worked really hard, made loads of progress or kept The Rainbird Promise.


October Awards
Year 1 Brandin Twinning For being an amazing mathematician! Brandin can solve subtraction calculations by counting back on a 100 square.
Year 1 Lee Dickinson For his fantastic writing about the Hare and the Tortoise. He produced a fantastic poem.
Year 1 Amelia Shaw For always trying her best in all areas of her learning.
Year 2 Abdul Saeed For his amazing in maths and helping others
Year 2 Waqar Rahman For being a great role model and trying hard with his writing
Year 2 Mason Lowden For being an amazing member of Y2 and helping his friends with their work
Year 3 Catherine Lewis For an excellent recount of our visit to Blue Reef Aquarium
Year 3 Kylie Knutsen For an amazing increase in her swimming confidence and ability
Year 3 Dylan Young For showing great determination when learning his poem for the Harvest Festival
Year 4 Scarlett Taylor Stepping in to read at harvest festival and resilience shown in class.
Year 4 Jeremiah Igbinosa Excellent reading at the harvest festival.
Year 4 Sylvia Negana Team work and support of others in class.
Year 5 Andrea Bolmandir Since joining Rainbird you have made outstanding progress! You always follow the Rainbird promise and are an excellent role model.
Year 5 Kai Bell Since the start of Year 5 you have made fantastic progress with your writing. You are now starting to work independently and take pride with your work- well done Kai!
Year 5 Alexis Conway Since the start year 5 your confidence has developed and it has been great to see you contribute in class discussions. Keep up the hard work!
Year 6 Grace Somerville For her amazing progress in writing and applying her new learning
Year 6 Marian Marodin For continuing to have an amazing attitude to his learning
Year 6 Martins Egharevba For settling so well into year 6