Every month some special children receive a Head teacher’s award and certificate for their achievements. This could be because they have worked really hard, made loads of progress or kept The Rainbird Promise.



January Awards
Year 1 Lexi Nevin For her amazing progress and effort in her writing!


Year 1 Bobby Bradwell For his excellent sounding out, reading and development of his phonics
Year 1 Leo Foggo For always trying his best and for improvement in his phonics and writing.
Year 2 Charlie Todd  For working hard, great teamwork and developing his amazing drama skills as the Buddha in our class play.
Year 2 Mariella Dimova  For being an amazing member of Year 2 and developing, her drama skills in preparation for our class play.
Year 2 Mikayla Simm For working hard in all of her lessons and trying her best in phonics.
Year 3 David Danila  For great improvements in his independence in Maths work, particularly column addition and subtraction
Year 3 Megan Hyatt – For showing perseverance with improving her independent writing and sentence structure
Year 3 Lily-Mai Williams – For a huge improvement in her handwriting size and consistency
Year 4 Rebeca Calin – for always trying her best and challenging herself in Science
Year 4 Shayne Mead – for producing excellent work in both English and Math
Year 4 Kelsey Laidlaw – for following the Rainbird promise at all times and being an excellent role model for her peers
Year 5 Paige Crossan – Fantastic effort with her writing, she is using a range of punctuation and has produced some outstanding writing
Year 5 James Stewart – James has made massive progress this year and always has a positive attitude towards learning. I’m extremely proud of you- well done James!
Year 5 Alesia Ion – Without fail, Alesia is always following the Rainbird promise. She is an excellent role model to others. Keep up the fantastic work!
Year 6 Shauna Fowler For her continued effort and resilience
Year 6 Clara Moise For staying focussed in class
Year 6 Jessica Simm Amazing improvement in her writing