Our Learning

Our Learning and Teaching Philosophy

At Excelsior Primary, Rainbird School, we believe that happy children learn better and achieve more. We ensure that our teaching is led by the interests of the children and responds to the needs of each and every child. All children are recognised as individuals and all children will be supported and challenged. We understand that children learn in different ways and adapt our teaching styles accordingly. We pride ourselves in the inclusive education we provide in a safe and welcoming environment.

Our topic based curriculum is founded in outstanding teaching of English and Maths. We make sure that children apply their understanding of basic skills through imaginative topics, which both engage and inspire our learners. We help the children to make connections between all parts of their learning and make links to real life and their own experiences.

To make the most out of learning the children have the opportunity to take part in relevant educational visits, learn in a “forest school” and make the most of the outside environment. We also believe in the value of involving the wider community to increase their experiences.

We celebrate the achievements of all our learners and encourage every child to succeed.

We believe Home Learning is an important part of every child’s school experience, as the support and engagement of families is key to a child’s progress.

Take a look at our class galleries for examples of this year’s Home Learning.