GLD        72%

Key Stage 1

Phonics                                79%

Key Stage 1

The results are a teacher assessed judgement of pupil attainment at the ‘Nationally Expected Standard’ at the end of Key Stage 1.



                           Expected Standard                          Greater Depth

Reading                     52%                                                         21%

Writing                       52%                                                         10%

Maths                         41%                                                         17%


Key Stage 2

The results are based on teacher assessments and statutory assessments which take place at the end of Year 6. This is un-validated data and therefore subject to change.



                           Expected Standard                          Greater Depth

RWM                          12%

Reading                     24%                                                         6%

Writing                       24%                                                         6%

Maths                         29%                                                         0%

GPS                            41%                                                         6%



Reading –4.6 (National Floor target -5.00)

Mathematics -4.1 (National Floor target -5.00)

Writing -9.9 (National Floor target -7.7)


The percentage of children who are working at the expected level, and those who are working at a higher level, are then put on a sliding scale. The expectation is a scaled score of 100.  There is no expectation or scaled score in writing.

Average scaled score in reading 93
Average scaled score in maths 96


Children’s progress is always measured against other children nationally. If any child makes the same progress as the national average for their group, that progress will be described as 0 (zero). Normally we think of zero progress as not being very good – but in this case, it’s actually average. Any negative number (-2.7, for example) is below average. However, children must be very much below average (by 5 points or more) before their progress is deemed to be unacceptable.

Average progress in reading -4.6
Average progress in writing -9.9
Average progress in maths -4.1