Friday, November 3rd, 2017.

The Careers Service at Oxford University team with Jane Spence, LST Chief Executive (left), Excelsior College Assistant Principal Deon Krishnan (second left) and Andrea Naylor (far right) College CEIAG and Work Experience Co-ordinator

Excelsior Academy extended a warm welcome to visitors from The Careers Service at Oxford University, building on the successful Laidlaw Scholars Programme.

Laidlaw Schools Trust Chief Executive Jane Spence led the team on their visit to Excelsior as they learned more about the academy and its careers provision for students.

Excelsior celebrated the success of its first ever student being accepted into Oxford University last summer – Ryan Dornan now reading politics, philosophy and economics at St Anne’s College.

Jonathan Black, Director of The Careers Service at Oxford University, said his team was impressed with the opportunities Excelsior’s sixth form college offers students and they are keen to learn more about choices Excelsior students make and their thought process behind them.

Mr Black oversees work to support 25,000 Oxford graduates and undergraduates to help them make the best possible career decisions.

The Careers Service at Oxford also works to develop programmes with schools to better equip pupils for university life.

Oxford University enjoys a strong partnership with Laidlaw Schools Trust sponsor Lord Laidlaw.

The Laidlaw Scholars Undergraduate Research and Leadership Programme was launched at Oxford in 2016, building upon Lord Laidlaw’s visionary commitment to supporting undergraduate student development and education.

It equips undergraduate students with research and leadership skills to help them pursue their academic and professional aspirations beyond their current course of study.

“We have been working with Lord Laidlaw on a scholarship programme for undergraduates and as part of this we found out about the Laidlaw academies here and reached out,” said Mr Black.

“We had a fantastic reaction from Jane to come up and talk. It is just about working and sharing best practice of what we have developed. It’s not just delivering, it’s learning from schools as well which are changing all the time.

“The careers area of schools is developing fast and clearly the Laidlaw Schools Trust is ahead of the curve. They are leading players and it is great to be associated with them and to learn.

“We have learned about some great practice, there is lots of enthusiasm to do things and the staff are very engaging to work with.”

Mr Black and his team talked with Excelsior College Assistant Principal Deon Krishnan and College CEIAG and Work Experience Co-ordinator Andrea Naylor.

He said the aim for his team was to encourage school pupils to look towards Oxford and other universities to achieve their academic goals.

“That’s the dream, or even if they just aspire to higher education,” said Mr Black. “We have a mission to share what we do in the wider world, to make the world a better place.”