Thursday, August 17th, 2017.

Excelsior’s Maria De Mendonca Alves and Lauryn Yamen celebrate their A and AS Level success

Excelsior Academy students and staff are celebrating record breaking A Level and vocational exam success, opening the door to exciting future career opportunities for its hard-working young achievers.

The academy’s sixth form Excelsior College achieved a 100% pass rate for all its A Level students and a 100% pass rate for all its vocational qualification students.

A total of 81% of students studying for a vocational qualification gained a distinction or distinction star grade.

At A Level, 15% of students scored an A* or B grade with 16% gaining an A* to B at AS Level. Exam success means a record number of Excelsior College students have secured university places next term.

Excelsior College bettered the national average for value added with a score of + 1.02 – which means more pupils have scored higher than the national average in their exam results and made more rapid progress since their GCSE results.

And the academy is also celebrating the success of former pupil Ryan Dornan, who scored four outstanding A Level passes to become Excelsior’s first pupil to be accepted into Oxford University.

College Principal Claire Goodwill said: “It’s a pleasure for us to see the results today and the rewards for all the hard work of students and staff.

“The starting point for our students on entry is a whole grade lower than the national average so to achieve the results we have today is even more outstanding.

“This isn’t just about grades today – it’s about about building character and seizing opportunities for the future and developing employability skills. This is key to the success of all our students.”
Included in Excelsior’s exam roll call of honour is Blazej Kostecki who bounced back from disappointing results last year to elation this year –  a Polish A Level Grade B and distinction stars for travel and tourism and ICT.

“I feel great today, I didn’t want to feel like I did last year and it was pretty scary but I’m pleased with how it’s turned out,” he said.

“I did extra work with the help of teachers, I don’t think I could have done it without their support.”  Blazej is now off to study law at Northumbria University.

Former head girl Anam Rauf is celebrating three distinction stars at BTEC science, health and social care and hospitality and will now study biomedical sciences at Northumbria University.

“I want to see what part of the course I like, I will do a job role as a research scientist but you can also do a post graduate degree which I might do,” said Anam.

“It was important to know today if all the two years of hard work has paid off and clearly it has, I couldn’t be happier. The teachers have played a huge part, helping me with my time management and helping me get on with my work – they were always there for me.”

Katrin Mihalova secured a C grade at psychology A Level, a B for A Level art and a distinction star for BTEC health and social care which has opened the door for her to apply for an art degree at Leeds University.

Diego Ochebiri is off to study law at Newcastle University after achieving the exam results he needed, which included an A Level B grade in Italian and double distinction star at sport.

“My goals now are to complete my three years at university, get a good grade and after that I’d like to become a lawyer or become involved in running a business,” he said.

Other successes include Sophie Watson whose BTEC distinction stars in health and social care, performing arts and science has secured her a place at Northumbria University studying social work.

Despite only arriving into the UK last year and beginning their studies late at Excelsior College, Maria De Mendonca Alves and Lauryn Yamen scored notable exam success.

Lauryn gained two A grades at French A Level and AS Level, while Maria secured an A grade at AS Level Portugese.

Excelsior Academy Principal Craig Taylor said: “It is especially rewarding for us to see this success across the diversity of our cohort – it means that we are offering courses that match the needs, aspirations and abilities of all our students.

“What we are about at Excelsior Academy is trying to ensure that all of our students are provided with academic pathways to achieve academic success which will take them onto the next phase of their lives.”