Research and Development

Action Research and Development Projects – 2016/17

 In recognition of the pursuit of excellence and the spirit of innovation that continues to evolve and flourish at Excelsior Academy, proposals are welcomed from Excelsior staff who are interested in carrying out IMPACT action research and project development ideas for the academic year 2016/17. The focus for all proposals will be Raising Standards in Teaching and Learning – practice and provision.


Action research is a disciplined and purposeful process of inquiry conducted to assist practitioners in improving and/or refining their practice, and that of others.

 Project Development – may involve planning, organizing, coordinating, delivering and evaluating projects or activities which offer significant additional benefits to pupils and /or staff, and which impact positively on pupil outcomes, beyond the regular curriculum and extra-curricular provision.


 At this stage we envisage offering support for a range of different projects of varying scale and ambition.

  1. Small Scale projects – may be personal and subject based and may typically involve small numbers of pupils and/or staff and may run over the course of a single term.
  2. Medium Scale projects – slightly larger scope and more ambitious team and school based projects perhaps.
  3. Larger Scale projects – will usually run over a year and offer Academy wide impact and beyond!


For projects (small, medium and large) planned to commence in the autumn term (September 2016) colleagues are requested to submit their proposals to CT by Friday 24th June 2016. There will be subsequent application rounds towards the end of each term.


Application – On no more than 1 side of A4, with your name and project title, please outline the nature of the research or project to be undertaken. Indicate the scale of the project – pupils / staff involved and others and proposed timescale.

Explain the expected (hoped for) impact of the project.

Also, please explain how the project will be evaluated – Research and evaluations will be published on the Academy web-site and Learning space.

We are hoping to link this project to an application for EEF funding, and I would recommend that you look at their guidance for projects and funding prior to submitting your proposal.

We will use this to help guide our own decisions.



Proposals will be considered by The Teaching and Learning Group and Senior Leadership Group. Successful and unsuccessful applicants from round 1 will be informed of the decision before we break for the summer holiday.

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