Robyn Derby

Robyn is revelling in her dream job as a teacher in Excelsior Academy’s Rainbird Primary School.

A former Excelsior student, she volunteered for a teaching role in the primary school last year as part of her final year at Northumbria University where she secured a 2:1 degree in English Literature.

And after opting for practical experience to gain her QTS at Excelsior rather than take her PGCE at university, Robyn, 21, couldn’t be happier.

Robyn qualified for a Laidlaw University Bursary which is only available to Excelsior students. This paid for her university tuition fees, enabling Robyn to finish university without the need to have any student loans.

“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and talked to the staff here about it who were open and friendly,” said Robyn, who passed 13 GCSEs and four A Levels at Excelsior.

“The staff at Rainbird were really welcoming, Petra Brown at Rainbird got in touch with the executive principal Phil Marshall who interviewed me and she said she would offer me a permanent role.

“It was absolutely amazing”.