Thursday, April 19th, 2018.

Dzikamai at Northumbria University from Excelsior Academy

The brightest and the best from Excelsior College are inspiring students and welcoming visitors in a new Hall of Fame.

Posters of alumni who have gone on to study at university or embarked on the career of their choice, will be a daily inspiration to sixth form students currently studying for A Levels or vocational qualifications.

The twenty-two ‘hall of famers’ encompass a broad cross-section of alumni, now studying university courses in social work, marketing and counselling, to name but a few, and former students who have progressed into apprenticeships and careers including IT, construction and catering.

The eye-catching three feet high posters have proved a real conversation point with students and visitors alike and demonstrate the wealth of academic talent within Excelsior Academy.

Claire Goodwill, Excelsior College Principal, said: “We wanted to celebrate our alumni and share their success with our college students and everyone who visits Excelsior Academy.

“The Hall of Fame idea was from our students and teachers who thought it was as a great way to display the talent we have here.

“I know how inspired our students are by these posters, stopping to read them and chatting about the people they know and the success they have gone on to achieve in their lives.

“Their success on public show is a really powerful way of motivating our students and showing them what hard work and self belief can achieve.”