Writing across Curriculum KS3

KS3 Extended Writing Across the Curriculum Project


To develop the literacy of all pupils

To maximise opportunities for practising basic literacy skills in all curriculum areas

To develop children’s ability to write at length, to apply grammatical skills and knowledge and to develop their own fluency and style, regular opportunities for extended writing will be provided in all curriculum areas.

How will extended writing be developed?
It is expected that in every subject area, each half term children will have at least one opportunity to write at length and apply their literacy skills. Teachers will link this writing to the work they have been doing. The extended writing will be modelled for the children to ensure outcomes are of the highest quality. Feedback will be given using the literacy marking policy.

The focus of this extended piece of writing is on the content of the subject which is being studied however the lesson should be guided by a Literacy focussed success criteria (E.g. PEE paragraphs) as provided in the genre booklet in the ‘Writing across the curriculum pack’. It is expected that across the year children will complete a range of genres in each subject area.


Glossary of Language Terms

Extended Writing KS3