Thursday, March 10th, 2016.

Even though the writing project has ended in Collingwood School, the pupils are continually working hard on the next phase: a short film of their work.

Pupils have just finished recording their raps ‘This makes me’ and ‘When I wake up’ with talented and respected music producer, Andy Lovegrove. Our lucky pupils were treated to the star treatment when we transformed our Drama studio into our very own recording studio. Their mentor and rapper extraordinaire, Fred Phethean, was on hand for support and hand out top tips for the daunting recording!

All of the action was caught on camera by up and coming young filmmaker Adam, he will be directing and filming pupils in a music video to accompany the recorded raps! Star treatment or what! The pupils will begin filming their very own music video early next week so keep a look out for their up and coming premiere of the short film. Pupils from 9C3 and 8C2 are both nervous and excited about making their big screen debut. Fabiana, year 9, said “this is an amazing opportunity to make our own film/music video, even though we all don’t get to be the lead characters we have all been involved in the writing of the scripts and will be on hand to help Adam direct.”

Now that the scripts have been written and learnt, the next step is the filming. Watch this space for news of the up and coming exclusive release.


By Fabiana and Ana Marie, Year 9.