Tuesday, March 28th, 2017.

Excelsior’s award winners with the Lord Mayor of Newcastle Councillor Hazel Stephenson

An emerging scientist, talented performing artist and personal achievers from Excelsior Academy and Rainbird Primary were thrust into the spotlight at a top awards ceremony.

Connor Park, 14, Charlotte Carney-Harrop, 15, Gaurav Singh, 7 and 10-year-old Farah Ezat Alain Tablo were rewarded for their academic and personal progress at the Newcastle Schools Achievement Awards.

The four pupils were nominated for their awards by their school principals and presented with their prizes at the glittering ceremony by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Councillor Hazel Stephenson.

Connor was described as an “inspiration” to fellow pupils in a citation to the awards judges by Hadrian School Principal Kirsty Ruffle.

“Connor is in the process of setting up Digital Leaders across the academy and has written his own policies and e-safety rules,” said Kirsty.

“He has fixed technical issues on staff laptops as well as the pupils’ laptops and desktops. Connor has run activities for primary transition and delivered training sessions on the BBC microbit.

“Connor is part of the SentintoSpace.com group that will be sending various instruments into space this year and recording their findings.

“He has been responsible on many occasions for showing parents, governors and visitors around Hadrian School and he is an excellent advocate for education. Connor arrives early to school and often stays late – sometimes very late – in order to maximise his learning and attainment.”

Saarah Nijaila, Excelsior Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning in Milburn School, nominated Charlotte for an award for her talent in performing arts.

“Charlotte applies her creative skills to be enterprising, leading charity fundraising ventures, raising money for Children in Need and other charities,” said Saarah.

“Charlotte is an inspiration to her peers as an ambassador for music and performing arts – she has committed to each school production since she was in Year 7 and uses her experience to develop younger pupils as well as her Year 11 counterparts,” said Saarah.

“Charlotte appreciates the positive impact of performing arts, how it enhances self-esteem and allows her to believe in herself.”

Rainbird Primary Academy Principal Charlotte De Oliveira nominated both Gaurav and Farah for awards.

“Gaurav is a worthy winner of the achievement award because the whole school is delighted with the progress he has made and his excellent attitude to learning,” she said.

“Gaurav is a polite, well-mannered and very caring boy. He spends his days making the right choices to help teachers to teach and children to learn.

“Gaurav can clearly demonstrate how to keep others safe. Gaurav is also an excellent dancer and loves to entertain the whole school with his performances.”

Charlotte also told awards judges of Farah’s outstanding progress since joining Rainbird from Syria last year.

“We were all impressed by her big smile and her eagerness to learn and make friends,” she said.

“Farah has become a real character of the school; known and liked by everyone. Farah is kind, considerate and she loves to laugh with her friends.

“In our Fiver Challenge in June, Farah made the most profit in the school with her Henna business. She painted the hands of parents, teachers and children and gave her profits to charity. We are delighted that Farah has joined our school.”