Key Stage 3

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is well matched to student’s needs and aspirations so that they will learn and achieve their full potential

The curriculum:

  • Builds on student attainment at Key Stage 2 and provides

Opportunities for catch up where there are gaps in key skills

  • Is under-pinned by the principles of lifelong literacy and numeracy;
  • Provides suitable yet challenging pathways for all


  • Provides opportunities which enable students to develop their special talents and interests across all areas of Academy life, allowing students to experience new subjects not studied previously at Primary School
  • Prepares students for the challenges, responsibility and experiences of Key Stage 4 and beyond.

The curriculum provides opportunities for students:

  • Enjoy and develop a great understanding of the subject they have studied at Primary School
  • Independent enquirers, who are reflective and given opportunities of how their leaning translates into modern day life
  • Team workers, respect and tolerance of their peers and the wider society and the impact their actions may have on this
  • Develop their creativity skills and knowledge in a fun and engaging environment
  • Explore and investigate future career paths and aspirations

The Structure of the Curriculum:

Subject Hours per week
English 4
Maths 4
Science 4
History 2
Geography 2
Spanish 2
PE 3
Thinking Curriculum (PSHCE) 1
Carousel One: Technology 2
Carousel Two: Creativity 3


Carousel One: Technology

Media, Technology, Food Textiles, Healthy Living

Carousel Two: Creativity

Art, Drama, Music, ICT, Employability and Enterprise


Key Stage 4

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is designed to offer all students the opportunity to access a wide and varied range of qualifications that will allow them maximise their potential and progress into Excelsior College, further education, employment or training.”

The curriculum:

We believe that flexibility is vitally important to the Key Stage 4 curriculum. This gives us the opportunity to design a personalised curriculum to meet the differing needs of all of our learners

All students will study the following compulsory subjects:





Three option subjects


Option subjects include:







Hair and Beauty

Health and Social Care









High attaining KS4 students are following the English Baccalaureate. This involves the students studying:



Core Science

Additional Science

Humanities subject,


Three option subject from the list above

Option Inclusion:

In Key Stage four we have a specialist provision for our students who may be new to the country or have English as an additional language and may need more intensive support. Their curriculum is individualised to meet their specific needs with a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and subjects which are more practical and creative.
In addition a wide range of option courses will be offered, information on KS4 curriculum can be found here: KS4 Curriculum Booklet