School Staff

Each of our Year 7 – 11 schools has their own School Principal along with a full range of teaching and support staff.

Please find below details of the Senior Leadership, Welfare and Administrative staff in each of the schools;



Staff Name


ExCollingwood Logo


Mr Connolly Principal
Mrs Old                            Mrs Swindon
Mrs Barakat
Assistant Principal
Mrs Nelson Welfare Manager
Mr Findlay Behaviour4Learning Manager
Mrs Fineran Attendance Manager
Mrs Wright Collingwood School Administrator
ExHadrian Logo


Mrs Ruffle Acting Principal
Mr Hudspith                         Mr Jones
Ms Kelly
Assistant Principal
Mrs Rose Welfare Manager
Mr Jobling Behaviour4Learning Manager
Mrs Morris Attendance Manager
Mrs Clyne Administrative Manager
ExMilburn Logo


Mr Hughes Principal
Mr Craig                                 Ms Najaila
Mr Stephenson         
Assistant Principal
Mrs Smith Welfare Manager
Mr Bolam Behaviour4Learning Manager
Mr Owens Attendance Manager
Miss O’Donnell Administrative Manager